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31+ Fruits That Start With B || Yummy Fruits Start With B

31+ Fruits That Start With B || Yummy Fruits Start With B
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Here you will learn about Fruits That start with B Yummy and tasty fruits that start with B. Are you looking for an English list of fruits with the letter B that includes pictures? Are you prepared for a delicious journey? Maybe unexpectedly, there are a lot of fruits that begin with B. Unsurprisingly, I say, because B words make up more than half of the vocabulary used to describe fruits, such as berry, blue, and black. However, this simply clarifies the large number of well-known fruits that begin with the letter B. Consider blackberries, blueberries, black blackberries, and bananas). Today, we will look more closely at some of the most delightful and healthful fruits that begin with the letter B. Now take a seat back and relax and let’s explore the amazing world of B fruits!

List Of Yummy Fruits That Start With B

As you know we are talking about fruits that start with B. Here We’ve prepared a list of fruits that begin with the letter B so you can learn more about them.


Bananas are yellow fruits that are easy to peel and taste sweet. They come from big plants and are great for eating as a snack or adding to recipes like smoothies or banana bread. They’re healthy too, with lots of potassium and other good stuff for your body!


Small, spherical berries with a dark blue-purple hue and a sweet-tart flavor are called blueberries. They are commonly consumed raw or added to baked goods, smoothies, and jams. They grow on bushes. Because of their high vitamin and antioxidant content, blueberries are a pleasant and nutritious complement to any diet


Blackberries are juicy, dark purple berries with a sweet and slightly tart flavor. They grow on thorny bushes and are commonly eaten fresh or used in pies, jams, and desserts.


Boysenberries are a cross between raspberries, blackberries, and loganberries, with a unique sweet-tart flavor. They have a dark purple color and are often used in jams, pies, and desserts

Blood Orange

Blood oranges are citrus fruits with a deep red flesh and a sweet-tart flavor. They’re similar to regular oranges but have a distinctive crimson hue.

Bartlett Pear

Juicy fruits with a sweet, aromatic flavor are Bartlett pears. When ripe, their glossy green skin becomes yellow.

Bing Cherry

Bing cherries are juicy, plump fruits that have a sweet flavor and a rich crimson to practically black color. They are frequently used in sweets like pies and cobblers or eaten raw as a snack.

Bosc Pear

Bosc pears are a variety of pears with an elongated neck and russeted brown skin. They have a sweet and slightly spicy flavor with a crisp texture.


The babaco, a tropical fruit endemic to Ecuador, looks like a big papaya with a yellow-green color. It tastes like a cross between papaya and pineapple, sweet and acidic.

Bael Fruit

Bael fruit is a tropical fruit known for its medicinal properties and sweet-tart flavor. It has a hard, woody shell that encases a soft, aromatic pulp.


The tropical fruit breadfruit is a member of the mulberry family. When cooked, it takes on a mildly sweet taste and a starchy texture.

Barbados Cherry

Barbados cherries, also known as Acerola cherries, are small fruits with a bright red to orange color and a tangy flavor.


Bearberries, sometimes referred to as uva ursi, are little red berries that have an astringent taste. Because of their possible health benefits, which include support for the urinary tract, they are frequently employed in herbal therapy.


Bilberries are small, dark purple berries closely related to blueberries, with a similar taste and appearance.

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd, is a tropical vine fruit characterized by its unique, bumpy appearance and bitter taste.


Blackcurrants are tiny, dark purple berries with a deep, delicious scent and a tart taste. Because of their strong flavor, they are frequently used to produce pastries, syrups, jellies, and jams.

Black Mulberry

Black mulberries are sweet, juicy fruits that grow on mulberry trees. They are similar in appearance to blackberries but have a distinct flavor and texture.


The bignay tree bears small, dark red fruits that are grouped together. It tastes like tart cherries or cranberries, with a hint of sweetness.

Bunya Nut

The Bunya nut is a large, edible seed produced by the Bunya pine tree, native to Australia. It has a starchy texture and a flavor similar to chestnuts or potatoes when cooked.



Native to North America, the bunchberry, often called the dwarf cornel, is a small, slow-growing plant.

Butternut Squash 

One variety of winter squash that is well-known for its creamy texture and sweet, nutty flavor is butternut squash. Its orange meat and tan-yellow skin are combined with a bulbous bottom and a long, thick neck.

Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s hand is a unique citrus fruit with a striking appearance, resembling a hand with elongated, finger-like segments.

Brazilian Guava

Brazilian guava, also known as feijoa, is a tropical fruit native to South America. It has a green outer skin and a sweet, aromatic flesh with a unique flavor reminiscent of pineapple, guava, and strawberry.

Blue Quandong

The Australian fruit known as “blue quandong” is named for its vivid blue hue and rounded form. Like a cross between a blueberry and a cranberry, it has a tangy flavor and a firm texture.

Blue Grape

The blue grape, sometimes referred to as the muscadine grape, is a grape variety indigenous to the Southeast of the United States. When fully ripe, its huge bulk and thick skin take on a vivid blue-p

Blue Java Banana

The Blue Java banana, also known as the ice cream banana, is a unique variety of banana with a distinct bluish-green color when unripe, which turns pale yellow when ripe.

Beach Plum

The beach plum is a little fruit that grows naturally along North America’s shore. When ripe, it has a rich purple to-scarlet hue and resembles a little plum.


Tropical fruits like bacupari are indigenous to South America, especially Brazil. Its smooth, yellow-green skin, round or oval shape, and sweet, tangy flavor are its distinguishing features.


The enormous granadilla, or Barbadian, is a tropical fruit indigenous to the Caribbean and South America. Its enormous, egg-shaped fruit has a thick rind that is yellow-orange in color, and its soft, jelly-like interior is packed with pulp and seeds.

31+ Fruits That Start With B || Yummy Fruits Start With B

Common Sea Food That Starts With B

Bass Bay Scallop
Bonito Black Tiger Shrimp
Barramundi Brook Trout
Black Cod Black Drum
Bay Shrimp Blood Clam
Blue Crab Boxfish
Bay Scallop Bombay Duck
Blow Fish Beluga Sturgeon
Bullhead Blue Mussel
Bream Butterfish


In summary, there is a wide variety of tasty fruits in the world that begin with the letter B. Every fruit, from the well-known banana to the unusual bael fruit, has a distinct flavor and health advantages of its own. These abundant fruits will satisfy your palate and improve your health whether they are consumed raw, juiced, or added to your favorite dishes. So why not try these delicious fruits and broaden your culinary horizons?

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