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13+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S
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In this article, you will learn 13+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S that you are looking for. If you are looking for fruit names that start with S then you come to the right place where I will provide you with exceptional fruits that start with s. Maybe some fruit names you heard before but most of the ones you haven’t heard before. So stay with us and keep scrolling down to get a complete list of fruits that start with S!

List Of Fruits That Start With S

Here in this part, you will get a list of fruits that start with S. These fruits are very healthy and beneficial for your body you must eat these fruits to get a healthy body.


14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

You’ve got the facts about Santol down pat! This “cotton fruit” is a tasty treat popular in Southeast Asia, originally from the Malesian region. Besides the Philippines, it’s also found in places like Sri Lanka, India, Australia, and even Seychelles.

Star Fruit

14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

The star fruit, a yummy tropical treat, comes from a tree called Averrhoa carambola that originally grew in Southeast Asia. This fruit is easy to spot because of its bumpy sides, and when you cut it across the middle, surprise – it looks like a star!


14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

Love Satsuma mandarins? These little citrus gems are from Japan, where they’ve been a favorite for over 700 years! They’re a bright orange color, super sweet and juicy, and almost always seedless. Plus, their peel practically comes off on its own, making them a super easy snack.

Seville Orange

14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

Seville oranges are like the grumpy cousin of the sweet oranges we usually see. These bumpy, oversized oranges aren’t meant to be eaten straight up because they’re quite sour and bitter. Instead, they’re grown mainly in Seville, Spain, for their amazing rind and juice that add a kick to marmalade and other recipes.

Screw Pine

14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

The screw pine tree is a really handy plant! Its leaves are versatile and can be woven into all sorts of things, like roofs, mats, hats, and even ropes. These leaves are strong and useful for making things like thatched roofs and baskets.


14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

Calling all sweet tooths! Have you tried sapota before? This yummy tropical fruit comes from the Sapotaceae family, with a scientific name that’s a bit of a mouthful (Manilkara zapota). Originally from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean islands, sapota is now a treat enjoyed by people around the world.


14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

For centuries, indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest have relied on salal leaves for medicinal purposes. The Klallam, Bella Coola, and Quileute tribes chewed the leaves and applied them directly to burns and sores to promote healing.


Love seafood salads? You might want to try sea grapes next! These unique little green bubbles are a type of seaweed that pops in your mouth with a briny, ocean flavor. They’re a popular addition to salads, sashimi platters, rice bowls, and noodle dishes.


Salak Bali comes in a surprising variety! This Indonesian fruit offers a flavor adventure with over 15 different types. Want something super sweet? Try Salak Gula Pasir, which translates to “sanding sugar” because it’s so darn tasty.


Those aren’t just pretty red treats – strawberries are little nutritional powerhouses! They’re bursting with juice and sweetness, but that’s not all. Strawberries are a fantastic source of vitamin C and manganese, important for keeping you healthy. On top of that, they also have a good amount of folate, which is a B vitamin, and potassium, a mineral that helps your body function properly.


Up for an adventurous flavor trip? Look no further than Safou! This unique fruit from West and Central Africa is known for its surprising taste – some say it’s like a mix of green olive and avocado!



Inside the Soncoya, you’ll find a bright orange flesh packed with seeds about an inch long. The flesh itself sticks to the seeds a bit, but the flavor is a delightful mix of peach, apricot, and pawpaw. Just be warned, it can be a bit fibrous!

Sour Cherry

Pucker up! Tart cherries, also known as sour cherries (with the scientific name Prunus cerasus), are famous for their tangy flavor. These little red fruits are a favorite ingredient in desserts, especially the classic cherry pie.

14+ Yummy And Tasty Fruits That Start With S

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