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Vocabulary plays an important role in English speaking. If you have good command on vocabulary then you can easily speak English. Vocabulary is not only important for learners but also for teachers. Synonyms are an important part of vocabulary. Students should learn these vocabulary words with synonyms for beginners and its Urdu translation and practice these words in their daily conversation. Good vocabulary source means “a good command over Synonyms”. Just download its PDF so that you can easily get access to it even if when you are offline. If you are rich in Synonyms vocabulary then you are rich in English speaking and writing skills. So go through this lesson and get enough knowledge of Synonyms from it. So here we start our lesson.


vocab translation

Sr.No Words Synonyms ترجمہ
1 Hardly Scarcely بمشکل
2 Room Space جگہ
3 To spare To leave بچ جانا
4 Immense Huge بہت بڑا
5 Contain Take in سمو لینا
6 Probably Perhaps شاید
7 Grains Particles ذرے
8 Sea-shore Coast ساحل سمندر
9 Universe World دنیا
10 Wander about Go round گردش کرنا؛ گھومنا
11 Journey Travel سفر کرنا
12 Alone Without company تنہا
13 Indeed Surely, certainly بلا شبہ
14 Voyage Sea journey سمندر کا سفر
15 Seldom Very rare کبھی کبھی
16 However In spite of this تاہم
17 Took place Occurred رونماہوا
18 Blindly Aimlessly اندھادھند
19 Raise Produce اُبھارنا
20 Tides High waves طوفانی لہر
21 Mass Volume جسامت
22 Forming Creating بناتے ہوۓ
23 Imagine Think; fancy تصور کرنا
24 Cause Reason سبب
25 Disturbance Upset گڑبڑ
26 Ever since Since that time اس وقت سے لے کر اب تک
27 Extremely Greatly حد سے ذیادہ
28 Exist Survive بچنا؛ ذندہ رہنا
29 Gradually Slowly رفتہ رفتہ
30 Entirely Fully ساری کی ساری
31 Pours Drop انڈیلنا
32 Organisms Living bodies زندہ             اشیاء
33 Chiefly Mostly زیادہ تر
34 Reproduce Procreate نسل بڑھانا
35 Humble Simple ادنی،معمولی
36 Complex Not simple پیچیدہ
37 Produce Create پیدا کرنا
38 Feelings Sensations احساسات
39 Ambitions Desires بلند خواہشات
40 Noblest Sublime بہترین

vocab and synonyms

41 Although Though اگرچہ
42 Discover To explore جاننا
43 Nature Reality اصلیت
44 Purpose Goal; Aim مقصد
45 Surrounds Envelops گھیرے میں لیے ہوۓ
46 Frightening Fearful خوفناک
47 Seem Appear دکھائ     دینا
48 Rough Coarse غیر محتاط
49 Calculation Estimate تخمینہ
50 Suitable Fit مناسب،موزوں
51 Appearance Existence ظہور
52 State Form حالت
53 Collection Group مجموعہ
54 Scattered Spread بکھرے ہوۓ
55 Provide Supply مہیا کرنا
56 Warmth Heat حرارت
57 Absolute Definite قطعی
58 Frost Fog دُھند
59 Beyond Far away پرے،دور
60 Belt Zone پٹی

handy vocab

tricky vocab

61 Benefited Profited فائدہ
62 Foods Eatables اشیاۓ خوردنی
63 Preservations Keeping fresh محفوظ کرنا
64 Construction Building تعمیر
65 Consider Think سمجھنا ، خیال کرنا
66 Strange Odd, not usual عجیب وغریب
67 Disease Ailment بیماری
68 Little fellow Child بچہ
69 Over Finished ختم کرنا
70 Spread Prevail پھیل جانا
71 Expect Anticipate توقع کرنا
72 Causes Reasons اسباب
73 Sanitary Hygienic صحت و صفائ
74 Poorly Defective, badly ناقص
75 Wander Roam آوارہ پھرنا
76 Paved Bricked پختہ
77 Prevent Check روکنا
78 Bucket Pail بالٹی
79 Germs Bugs, microbes جراثیم
80 Canned Tinned ڈبوں میں بند

vocab with urdu

81 Practical Realistic عملی
82 Leisure Spare فا رغ
83 Influenced Affected متاثر ہونا
84 Sound Solid ٹھوس
85 Willing Ready رضامند
86 Assume Suppose فرض کرنا
87 Assign Allot سونپنا، ذمے لگانا
88 Sharpen Mend تیز کرنا
89 Ought to Should چاہیے
90 Uproot Eliminate, eradicate جڑ سے اکھاڑ پھینکنا
91 Poise Calmness ذہنی   سکون
92 Fidgets Jilters بے چینی کی  کیفیت
93 Ambition Desire for success امنگ، تمنا
94 Distinction Eminence امتیاز
95 Following Acting upon گامزن ہے
96 Alive to Conscious of با خبر
97 Mapped out Planned طے شدہ
98 Interest Aptitude دلچسپی
99 Warm Passionate پرجوش
100 Intended Meant چاہتا تھا

english vocab

101 Businessman Trader تاجر
102 Profession Avocation پیشہ
103 Reason Logic منطق
104 Argue Debate دلیل دینا
105 Detest Hate نفرت کرنا
106 Controversies Arguments بحث و تمحیص
107 Offend Annoy ناراض کرنا
108 Float Walk چلنا
109 Tragedy Disaster المیہ
110 Receptive Responsive اثر پزیر
111 Cure Treatment علاج
112 Sort Kind قسم
113 Attitude Point of view انداز نظر
114 Adequate Proper مناسب
115 Thorough Complete مکمل
116 Consent Agree رضامند ہونا
117 Assert Declare forcefully زور سے دعویٰ کرنا
118 Absorb Take in جزب کرنا
119 Permit Allow اجازت دینا
120 Serious Solemn سنجیدہ

words meanings

121 Compel Force مجبور کرنا
122 Consequently As a result نتیجہ
123 Detriment Loss, damage نقصان
124 Hurting Painful دکھ دینے والا
125 Burden Pressure بوجھ
126 Transfusion Shifting منتقلی
127 Heartrending Very painful نہایت تکلیف دہ
128 Spectacle Scene منظر
129 Excellent Superior اعلیٰ
130 Inevitably Certainly لازمی طور پر
131 Alleviate Relieve نرم کرنا
132 Perverted Get turned to wrong use گمراہ
133 Range Distance فاصلہ
134 Bluffer Cheater دھوکے باز
135 Drift Go aimlessly آوارہ گردی کرنا
136 Call for To demand تقاضا کرنا
137 Face Confront سامنا کرنا
138 Diagnostic Detective تشخیصی
139 Sins Wrong deeds گناہ
140 Steadily In a balance way باقاعدگی سے
141 Dean Head of department شعبہ کاسربراہ
142 Features Aspects خصوصیات
143 Recall Remember یاد کرنا
144 Awakening Becoming aware شعور، آگہی
145 Supposed Considered خیال کرنا

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