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Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

Fruits That Start With J
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This lesson we will cover the delicious Fruits that start with J. I guess some of them on the list are new to you but you may have heard a few of them already. In the previous lesson, we covered fruit names that start with I. These fruits are sweet and delicious if you are a fruit lover then you must read the previous lesson. Maybe some of them you heard but I guess some new fruits for you on the list. So without wasting your time let’s go to the main topic.

List Of Fruits That Start With J

Here I will provide you with a list of Fruits that start with j. In this list, you will know well-known fruits like jackfruit to surprising to unusual ones like jostaberry. So let us begin:


Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

Do you know what jujube is? These little round fruits are also often referred to as red dates or Chinese dates. They come from southern Asia but quickly turned out to be a suitable snack almost everywhere in the world. They grow on big bushes or even trees with flowers and have a pit with a seed inside.


Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

“For the ripe, sweet yellow jackfruit, It’s like a combination of bananas, apples, and mangoes all in one, a brilliant concoction.” when it comes to green jackfruit, “This is something with absolutely no flavor but an incredible texture,” she says. That’s why it’s so popular as an alternative to meat in savory dishes.


Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

This tasty fruit, also known as Jatoba or Guapinol, comes from the West Indian Locust tree native to Jamaica.


Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

There are different kinds of jaboticaba! The most common one is a pretty purple color, even though people call it red. It has a yummy flavor like blueberry yogurt.


Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

These fruits have a really interesting flavor! It’s like a mix of sweet and tart, with hints of cherries, blueberries, and maybe even a bit of apple and raisin. To top it all off, there’s a subtle nuttiness at the end that reminds you of almonds.

Jamaican Tangelo

Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

This fruit is like a sweeter version of a tangerine, without any of the grapefruit bitterness. It’s juicy and has a lovely fragrant peel. The taste is a bit more tart than an orange, but way less bitter than a grapefruit.


Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

It is well-known for its distinct bitterness, which leaves a faint aftertaste and has a mild flavor with a nice harmony of sweetness and acidity.


Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

Jambolan is a fun fruit! You can eat it fresh if you like it sweet, or it can be a little tart. Either way, it’s delicious. Jambulans are also really versatile – you can make them into yummy things like sauces, jams, juice, jelly, sorbet, or even add them to fruit salad!


Don’t be fooled by the word “berry” in its name! Juniper berries aren’t sweet at all. They have a surprising flavor that’s both fresh and spicy.


Imagine a fruit that tastes like a mix between a gooseberry and blackcurrant. When it’s young and green, the gooseberry flavor is stronger, a bit tart and tangy.

Java Apple

Forget what the name suggests, wax apples don’t taste like apples at all! They’re more like juicy snow pears, with a refreshing burst of flavor in every bite. Think of a watermelon’s juicy insides but with a softer, almost fluffy texture inside the wax apple.


When ripe, these fruits get super creamy and taste amazing – kind of like a mix between a sweet plum and a juicy mango, with a hint of tart Granny Smith apple thrown in.

Japanese Plum

Ume, also known as the Japanese plum, starts a bright green color. But as it ripens, it gets a lot more tart because it’s packed with citric acid, kind of like a lemon. This high level of citric acid is why some people believe me has lots of health benefits!

Japanese Quince.

These fruits aren’t for chomping on raw though, they’re way too tart. But the good news is, once you cook them, they soften up and turn into a delicious treat. Imagine a flavor that’s both fruity and tangy, with a bit of floral sweetness – that’s what cooked Japanese quince tastes like!

Discover The Delicious Fruits That Start With J

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