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all types of adjective degrees
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There total three degrees of adjectives named positive, comparative and superlative. The comparative degree is used to compare two objects and superlative degree is used to compare more than two subjects or objects. The superlative adjective is also used to qualify a person or an object as the best among all its competitors. Degrees of adjective are very important to learn.

 Adjective forms/Degrees

Forms of adjective are very important. We will discuss three forms of adjective.

  1. Positive degree, Big, Good, Tall, Bad, Much.
  2. Comparative degree, bigger, better, taller, worse, more.
  3. Superlative degree, biggest, best, tallest, worst, most.

1) Positive degree:

A positive degree shows a association between adjectives and adverbs in a normal form.

In a positive degree there is no comparison shown in between adjectives and adverbs.


  1. Ahmad is a handsome 
  2. Siam scored the same marks as Clark scored.
  3. The climate of Lahore is extremely 
  4. Zohan bought an expensive 
  5. Village people are brave-hearted in life.

2) Comparative degree:

A comparative degree is used to compare quality, relation, and quantity between two people, thing, place, or object.

It also used to compare one noun with another noun in a sentence.


  1. Undertaker has bigger arms than Batista.
  2. Hamza suggested a betteridea than Clark.
  3. Hina purchased an expensive gift than his friend does.
  4. Ahmad’s handwriting is worse than mine.
  5. Eisha is happier today than yesterday.

3) Superlative degree: 

The superlative degree is used to compare the quantity or quality of any place, thing, person, or object with all to show either the least quality or highest degree. It is comparison one noun with more than one nouns.


  1. Pluto is the smallestplanet in our solar system.
  2. Hania is the most beautifulgirl on our campus.
  3. Chinese are sending the cheapestspace satellite successfully on mars.
  4. Muhammad Yousef made a world record of the most runs in a calendar year.
  5. Brian Lara is the best player in the history of cricket.

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